Hardware Repairs

Allied Integrated Services (AIS) believes to maximize customer’s uptime, i.e. productivity and profitability from their printing and data collection assets, requires an integrated strategy.

First, AIS provides solutions based on using the best equipment available for the customer’s application. AIS is an authorized value added reseller for Datalogic, Datamax by Honeywell, Intermec by Honeywell, Printronix, Sato, Unitech, Zebra Card, Zebra Enterprises and Zebra Technologies.

Second, AIS maintains your equipment at peak performance by selling the manufacturer’s recommended supplies and accessories. Cost reductions made as part of the procurement process do not typically support uptime and subsequent customer satisfaction. Compatible products are not the same as the manufacturer’s patented products. OEM supplies are designed and manufactured to maintain the reliability and extend the life of your equipment. AIS recommends and sells OEM products to help assure maximum uptime.

Finally, the quality and reliability of today’s printers, scanners and mobile computers are higher than ever before. Because humans use this sophisticated equipment, user initiated routine preventative maintenance and remedial repairs are part of the AIS integrated solution. User’s accidentally load media incorrectly, set pressures or burn temperatures wrong, remove stuck labels with metallic objects, drop it on the ground or spill liquids, use poor quality supplies, change setting and of course “S_ _t Happens!”

AIS is a single point of contact for servicing all of the equipment we sell. AIS offers a variety of levels of service dependent to maximize your equipment uptime and work within your budget.

Service Level Options:

  • Annual prepaid – all parts, labor, travel, shipping for all remedial calls (excludes consumables; print heads, ribbons, tags, cards and labels); are covered at a fixed price.
  • Time and Materials – parts, labor, travel and parts shipping billed by the incident.


Service Locations:

  • Onsite remedial printer repair:
    • Table top thermal printers and RFID Printers
      • Datamax
      • Intermec
      • Printronix
      • Sato
      • Zebra
  • Line matrix printers ( High Speed Impact)
    • Printronix
  • Depot remedial printer repair:
    • Desktop Printers and Portable printers
      • Datamax
      • Datamax – O’Neil
      • Intermec
      • Printronix
      • Zebra
  • Card Printers
    • Zebra Card
  • Depot remedial scanner and mobile computer repair
    • Datalogic
    • Honeywell
    • Intermec
    • Motorola
    • Symbol
    • Unitech
    • Zebra Enterprise


Advantages of AIS Service and Support:

  • One call to cover it all
  • Support multiple vendors
  • Manufacturer qualified service personnel
  • Repairs made with OEM parts
  • Service contracts or Time Material
  • Repaired to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality, timely service and support to maximize equipment uptime.


Contact us today to avoid service problems tomorrow.