Labels and Tags

Thermal Transfer Labels and Ribbons

Allied Integrated Services adds value to your business as a supplier of the most reliable labels and media from the leading manufacturers.

  • Datamax by Honeywell
  • Intermec by Honeywell
  • Printronix
  • Sato
  • Zebra Technologies

Allied Integrated Services has the ability to supply all your media needs. Whether your requirement is for a label, tag or wrist band that will display your company name, asset, patient or product identification, shipping or tracking information in 1D, 2D, UID, RFID or DOD compliant format Allied Integrated Services is your source.

  • Standard or Custom Sizes
  • Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal
  • White or select a Pantone color
  • Glossy or Matte
  • Paper, Polyester, Polyimide, Metalized or other
  • Portable, Desktop, Table Top Rolls or Fanfold
  • RFID
  • Receipt Media
  • Specialty
    • Asset ID
    • Garment
    • Healthcare
    • Tamper Evident
    • Void
    • Warning
    • Serialized
    • Safety
    • Chemical Resistant
    • High or Low Temperature
    • Waterproof

Allied Integrated Service can quote almost any label or tag requirement you may need. The limitations are your imagination


Thermal Transfer Labels and Ribbons

Allied Integrated Service wants for your business to realize the maximum uptime from your assets. The brands that AIS carry have all proven themselves to be the best available for the applications for which they are specified.
Most companies have no idea what is the price of non conformance when a clone or compatible ribbon is used and jams their printer, ruins a print head or makes an unreadable barcode.
What is the cost of reprinting a paper label, a RFID label or a whole run of labels? What is the cost of not getting a shipment out on time? What is the cost of having a shipment rejected and returned from your customer, Wal-Mart, DOD or whoever?
Let Allied Integrated Services help you save $$$ because of non conformance over the $ saved using clone ribbons.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Brands

  • Datamax by Honeywell
  • Intermec by Honeywell
  • Printronix
  • Sato
  • Zebra Technologies

Before you choose a thermal transfer ribbon for your application, you should know the printer type, the label substrate, the environment in which the label will used, the durability required and the label finish. All or any of these factors can impact ribbon performance and label output quality. Your Allied Integrated Services solution provider will help you answer they and other important questions to insure you most appropriate ribbon for your needs.

  • Wax
  • Wax Resin
  • Resin


Printronix Line Matrix Printer Ribbons

Printronix Cartridge Ribbons

Printronix P8000 / P7000 Cartridge Series for Line Matrix Printers

Printronix P8000 / P7000 Ribbon Cartridges delivers improved reliability, productivity and environmental advantages.

The cartridge ribbon does more with less, yielding a longer print life and more uniform quality than previous generation line matrix spool ribbons. The cartridge ribbon is easier and cleaner to use and requires no special user technical skills. As compared to laser technology, line matrix is far more sustainable in that it consumes considerably less energy, generates far less consumables waste, and lasts much longer.

Printronix Spool Ribbons

You rely on high impact printing to get the lowest cost of any print technology. To assure maximum uptime and printer longevity Allied Integrated Services recommends only Printronix ribbons to deliver significant cost savings. Printronix spool ribbons are formulated for high yield, dark, or high definition barcode and text printing.

As a factory trained and onsite site service provider for Printronix High Speed Line Matrix printers Allied Integrated Services can personally attest to how users of Printronix OEM Ribbons benefit with maximum uptime.

Zebra Card Printer Ribbons

The ZXP 3 Load-N-Go cartridges makes it easy to load and replace the ribbon. They use intelligent media technology for automatic ribbon detection and optimized imaging. ZXP Series 3 ribbons come in standard and high-capacity, as well as both multi-panel and monochrome options.


The easy-to-use ZXP 1 ribbon Load-N-Go ribbon cartridges use intelligent media technology for automatic ribbon detection, optimized imaging, and a low ribbon warning.


Zebra Card Printer Cards

Zebra plastic cards give you quality results every time. Zebra PVC and Composite PVC cards are guaranteed ISO-compliant and provide:

  • High-performance image sharpness for rich colors and crisp barcodes
  • Reduced card printer wear and tear for lower maintenance costs
  • Advanced smart security access options, such as embedded holograms, magnetic stripes, RFID chips or custom designs


Zebra Laser, Thermal Printable and RFID Wristbands


Healthcare Wristbands

With Zebra’s wide range of direct-print, bar-coded, durable laser and thermal printable wristband solutions, hospitals can ensure adult, pediatric and infant patients are accurately identified throughout their hospital stay. The cornerstone of patient safety, Zebra wristband print solutions enable immediate access to critical patient information at the bedside and across all hospital departments.

Hospitality Wristbands

Enable cashless point of sale and access management while enhancing each guest’s experience. Using Zebra’s thermal print-on-demand barcoded amusement park and attraction wristbands, you can reduce ticket fraud and improve transaction speeds

Laser Printable Wristbands

Zebra’s self-laminating LaserBand wristbands feature the ability to print wristbands and labels on one sheet utilizing existing laser printers.

Zebra Laser Print Wrist Band

Thermal Printable Wristbands

Zebra’s thermal printers and direct-print Z-Band wristband solutions are easy-to-use, fit a wide variety of environments and require minimal IT support.
Zebra’s HC100 Patient ID solution is easy to use. Simply pop the wristband cartridge into the printer and you are ready to print – the printer automatically calibrates for wristband size and optimal print quality.

Zebra Thermal Print Wrist Band

RFID Wristbands

Zebra offers custom UHF thermal printable and HF non-printable RFID wristbands in Adhesive and Clip Closure and featuring SMARTRAC inlays.

Thermal Printer Print Heads

Thermal Printer Print Head

Print Heads on thermal printers are like tires on your vehicle. Regardless of power and features without them there is no output or progress. Like tires, print heads are consumable. Their longevity depends on the users maintenance habits. They require cleaning between media changes, correct burn temperature, correct pressure, proper alignment and utilization of the correct size and good quality media. Just like improperly aligned, balanced, inflated or cheap quality tires you can be down and stranded at an in opportune time. When your tire goes flat your car does not move ahead. When your printer label quality deteriorates your production line and profitability is impaired too.

OEM print heads are engineered and built to exacting performance tolerances to assure maximum uptime, durability and label quality. Clone print heads are represented to be compatible. Offering similar fit, form and function at typically a lower price. They are comparable but cannot be the exact same as the OEM print head whose designs are patented.

Let Allied Integrated Service be your best source to buy only OEM print heads to minimize your price of non conformance. Clone print heads may cost $$ and OEM print heads cost $$+. But down time and fines for unacceptable label quality costs $$$+/hour.

Allied Integrated Services sells only OEM print heads for the printers we sell and service; Datamax, Intermec, Printronix, Sato and Zebra.